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This section contains important information and documents for time share owners at Tybrisa Beach Resort Condominium Association Inc. There is also a message board where owner’s can post Villas for Rent and Villas for Sale.

We trust that you will find the owner’s area to be an informative and helpful resource. We respectfully request that all communications reflect the highest level of decorum.

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A new year brings new opportunities for a Vacation Special at Tybrisa Beach Resort!!
Mini Vacations will now be -Vacation Special

We will not be bringing mini vacations back in 2021. Instead we have decided to offer a new vacation package that will go into effect on January 01, 2021. The package offers a full week (7 nights) for $635 after taxes. The timeframe for these vacations will be Weeks 1-8 and 48- 50 (No Exceptions). This will be a flat rate stay for owners and non-owners with no discounts.

In-House Exchange- The Rules have changed!!

The weeks available for owners to do an in-house exchange are now weeks 42-50 and weeks 1-10, the in-house exchange fee has increased to $100.00. Just a reminder that all maintenance fees for the week you are exchanging must be paid in full before the exchange can be reserved. Also, you may or may not have a choice of unit, and/or floor, but ultimately the choice will be based off of what we have available at the time. We will try to accommodate requests, but they are not guaranteed.